I am now doing online vinyasa yoga class at my home studio. Classes begin with Sun Salutations, and move into asana practice, ending with a meditative rest and/or breathing exercise.

Passcode for all meetings: DEVAYOGA

Classes are donation based any donation is appreciated, but not required, My Venmo is @laurayogasound and my PayPal email is laura@spirithomehealing.com.

Lotus pose for Pranayama (breathing exercises)

Private Yoga Instruction

Learn the basics of your yoga practice with me in private instruction. We spend one hour working on the foundations of yoga practice, moving from warm ups to asanas (postures), and finishing with a resting meditation. This is for people who want to work on their health and wellbeing, and need one-on-one instruction to build basic core strength, and learn how to move into and out of poses, and to build balance and stamina to get through a full group yoga class. I am really looking forward to working with you! All sessions are on zoom at the present time. Sign up above, email or call to set up an appointment.

Contact me: email, laura@spirithomehealing.com or text/call, 610-368-1053.

Yoga pose, Warrior 3

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