The Effect of Sound Healing

I recently held an event that focused on a sound bath with a guided meditation and chant for each of the seven chakras. After the sound bath was over I was ask a question; what was it going to be like for the person after participating in the sound bath?

This is a very good question to ask. I responded by saying that for myself, my life looks different from my life before beginning to do the work of sound healing. I certainly have been on a healing path for a long time now, but the sound has become my catalyst for change in my consciousness, which feeds into many parts of my life following the conscious change.

In the days following the event I thought about this question some more and I think it bears some more commentary about some of the processes that I have been experiencing since beginning my journey with sound healing.

My sound journey was born out of over two decades of practicing yoga. My practice has been very personal, I started when my daughter was very young and I couldn’t make it to yoga studios with a baby, so I learned how to keep a home practice. Along with this home yoga practice came a breathing and mediation practice, among other practices related to yoga paths. These concepts and tools are still a part of my life to this day, and I still prefer to keep a home yoga practice, since I find peace, regeneration and connection in the morning asanas that I do. Additionally, I developed a practice of studying spiritual paths, which added breadth and depth to my understanding of being a spiritual human.

The practice of sound healing came to me as a desire to enter more fully into the interplay between the seen and unseen, and into healing my life. As many healers, I come with my own set of issues that I have spent much time working on (hence the yoga and other practices noted above). As my knowledge and understanding of spirit – and physics – grew with my research, I realized that music and sound isn’t just a nice noise, there are inherent messages, or conscious energy, carried along with the sound. We don’t hear it as we hear a language being spoken, but the messages and the energy is there. Once I accepted this as fact, I realized I could use sound as a powerful meditation tool, in a vast number of ways. The other thing I realized is the the combination of sound, with meditation and intention is a powerful mix that can bring about change.

My journey since beginning to use sound as a catalyst for healing has focused a lot on my desires for how I spend my time, as well as my emotional and relational health. In response to the question asked after the sound bath, I realized that through one subtle experience after another, my life has been changing and shifting to a life that is more aligned with my deep heart desires. It took several years, but I left a career that wasn’t working for me anymore. My confidence in my life continues to grow steadily, which has lead to greater peace of mind and serenity, and I feel more depth of authenticity in my relationships than ever.

The shifts I have experienced I feel are directly related to my intentions and experiences with the sound. Each time I do anything for myself, and others, I feel my energetic body (through the chakras) a little more clear than before the experience. Sometimes a shift will be more clear and conscious than others. There was one experience with sound that was so definitive for me it was a pivotal moment for my whole life.

This is the power of sound healing used with intention, and it is my favorite way to bring sound healing to others. My workshops and sessions with clients focus on specific aspects of the the energetic body because I know that the sound acts to balance the person while the intention acts on the spiritual or energetic shift in the life of the person. Its a quiet and subtle process, usually gentle and very powerful in shifting the consciousness of an individual towards the best attributes of being human. The sound with purity of intention clear a person where they may be “clogged” or “bogged down”, the result is more freedom, and the energetic body of a person responds with more vitality and clarity of thought; catalyzing positive life changes as time goes by.

4 thoughts on “The Effect of Sound Healing”

  1. Thank you for your insights and talents.
    I participated in the event last Thursday.
    It was quite a healing and enjoyable experience.

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    1. I think you may have ti go in to where you clicked and disable it yourself;. I can’t find where to disable you from getting notifications on my end. I’m sorry!

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