This piece was made during a positive transformative process in my life.  The earth tones correlate with grounding into the earth sphere as an earth being.  The green tones correlate with the growth that is had in a positive transformative process.  The fiery tones correlate with the fires of transformation, which are needed to move forward.  The design is the Sri Yantra, a Hindu symbol of the Divine Creative Principal.  It also is the symbol of Aum (Om), which which when sung is said to make the pattern of the Sri Yantra.  The Aum (Om) is the sound of Soul and Divine unified together.

Sri Yantra – Earthing and Transformation

Use this piece to create a positive energy in any room, and/or use it as a meditative support in your scared space for your work with the Divine process.  

Purchase Options

Original Framed: 20 1/4 ” by 26 1/2 “

Print Framed: 15″ by 20″ Approximate.

Print Unframed: 9″ by 14″ Approximate.

Other sizing can be custom made, Please contact me directly.

Contact me at or 610-368-1053 to discuss frame color and mat options and for any other questions or requests.