Healing The Mind • Sound healing clears away stuck and negative energy, resulting in clarity of thought and relief from difficult emotions. • The process of clearing and vitalizing the mind through sound helps to form new pathways to emotional healing. 

Healing The Body • Wave frequencies enter the body and have a harmonious effect in the energetic flow of the body. • The resonant field produced by the healing sounds synchronizes with the energetic and molecular body. • Stuck energy within the body is transformed into flowing energy, encouraging better health.

Healing the Soul • Sound is a direct reflection of the Spiritual world. Sound frequency imparts information from the spirit world to our souls. When use with intention for healing, a powerful influence of pure energy of sound can break our old outdated patterns and set a new path for our souls journey.

Sound Healing Creates A Magical Environment Where Soul Healing Can Occur

Private Sound Healing Sessions assist in balancing and healing the body mind and spirit through using the principals of the human energy system (Chakras) and the physics of sound and frequency. Sound healing is achieved through frequencies of tuning forks and crystal bowls to address the needs of the client. Tuning Forks used on and around the body balance and vitalize areas of physical or emotional pain. Crystal Bowls are used in partnership with the chakra system to clear and strengthen the energies associated with the chakras.

Using the principals of Sound Healing, we discuss physical, emotional and spiritual ailments or issues you want to move through.  Based on the feedback from the discussion I use a combination of guided meditation and sound healing to facilitate improvement of your physical emotional and spiritual health. The sessions provide the environment for you to enter into a deep state of consciousness (called the Thea State by neurologists), where the body’s natural healing capabilities take over and healing on all three levels of the mind, body and soul occurs.

On-Body Tuning Forks Send Powerful But Gentle Vibrations Into the Body At Places Where There Is Discomfort To Re-Set The System And Create Harmony

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy

  • Relief from Chronic Stress and Anxiety
  • Release from Stuck Emotions
  • Clarity and Emotional Breakthrough
  • Healing Assistance from Accident, Illness

Individual sound healing sessions assist in healing the body mind and spirit using the principals of the human energy system (Chakras) and the physical of sound and frequency.

Sound healing is achieved through:

  • Frequencies of tuning forks
  • Frequencies of crystal bowls
  • Mantra specific to the particular situation you have
  • Guided meditation specific to your situation
  • Application of the ancient Chakra System, understood and studied by the Yogis of India

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