Unfortunately there isn’t enough interest, I am putting this on hold until a later date. Love and Peace to all.

Join me for this special time! Click “Return to Merchant” in the Paypal payment confirmation page and you will be directed to the Zoom Link for the event. Make sure you save the link in your records, but you can always contact me later for it if you can’t find it. Online meditations are $10.00. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Heart healing meditations are one of the most powerful ways to create positive change in your life, and even in the lives of others. The heart is actually considered the “first brain”, and it is a powerful organ that we can cultivate through practicing self love, and sending our self love to others who may be on our mind. The results are amazing; an increase sense of peace and wellbeing as well as the witnessing of amazing shifts towards positive changes in your own lives and those of others. See for yourself how this practice transforms your life.