Flower Of Life – Our Energetic Signature

This piece was inspired by a combination of esoteric principals. First by the flower of life, which is a symbol of sacred geometry that has spanned much of history and can be found in motifs of ancient civilizations. For me, it is a message of the interlocking cycles of life, and it holds an energy of opening up, connection and unity. 

Second, embedded in the painting is the Egyptian Ankh; which is a symbol of how our energy can be utilized, coming through the spine, and electrifying our lives with energy.

Thirdly I represent the Chakras – the energy centers of the body, by the color changes moving through the circle of life. As one moves up or down the Circle of Life, there are 7 nodes, just as there are 7 Chakras, I do not think this is coincidence, and the art takes on the energy that is inherent in the Chakras. 

Finally I incorporate the esoteric principal of connection to source. Often a tree is used a a metaphor for rooting a connection to source, but the true nature of the metaphor between the tree and the human is that of the mirror opposite. The roots of the tree go deep into the ground, and the earth feeds the tree through its roots. Humans have roots too, but our roots go into the sky, and we are fed by the energy and the rays of the sun rather than the watery and dark soil of the earth. You can’t see our roots, as we can see tree roots, but they are there. When we think of breathing in the energy from above into our crown chakra, this more real than we may realize. It’s like a conduit into our bodies receive the energy of the sun. From an Esoteric point of view, we are not only earth beings, we are sun beings. This piece of art shows this connection to the sun as well as the significance of the flower.

Just as the flowers of the tree’s are the sexual organs of the tree; the sexual organs of humans can be thought of as our flowers (Georgia O’Keefe was on the right track with her art). Another aspect of Esoteric philosophy is that using our bodies in this life is the ultimate of human experience, it is the forward motion of humanity. Using our minds is actually more aligned with the nature the moon, more of the past. We need this, but believe it or not, it does not represent our future. The sun is our future, our bodies are our future. So all of our extremities are so important, how do we use our hands, our feet, how do we use our sex organs? This is represented by the flower, which is pointing towards the ground because this is actually how we flower, towards the earth. The plants tend to flower towards the sky, and we flower towards the earth.

Purchase Options

Original Framed: 21 ” by 28 3/4 “

Print Framed: 15″ by 20″ Approximate. 

Print Unframed: 9″ by 14″ Approximate.

Other sizing can be custom made, Please contact me directly.

Contact me at laura@spirithomehealing.com or 610-368-1053 to discuss frame color and mat options and for any other questions or requests.