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Manifest Your Own Reality – Disucssion and Channeling By Gretta Chamberlain

Tuesday March 24, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Aries New Moon Yin Yoga + Sound Immersion

Join Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher Alyson Wernly and Sound Healer Laura Kellogg for an evening of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing to process the energies of the Aires New Moon.

You are the Co-Creator of Your Life. What are you manifesting?

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds + new chapters beginning. As we open ourselves- mind, body + spirit- through these expansive yin poses, allow your manifestations to take root for a beautiful new cycle. As we practice, the healing vibrations of sound will gently shift your aura and energy into an optimal state for your new beginning. This powerful combination allows each participant to have a unique + personalized experience, wherever you are on your path.

This New Moon inspired Yin Sequence with Sound Healing will allow you to expand + open yourself to the beautiful possibilities in store for you. The best is yet to come! Let’s manifest together.

Thursday March 26, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Myofacial Release + Sound Immersion

Join Emily Smith – Myofacial Release Therapist and Laura Kellogg – Sound Healer for an experience of Myofacial Release + Sound Healing. The event will begin with a discussion on Myofacial release, what it is and how it is helpful for achieving optimal health. Emily will guide participants through a series of yin shapes with self treatment Myofacial Release props while offering hands-on Myofacial Release to each participant. During the hands on therapeutic portion of the event, Laura will immerse the room in a healing crystal bowl sound bath with sound vibrations designed to support release.

The evening will have a lasting effect; self-Myofacial release instruction can be used by participants for continued practice and relief from chronic pain. We look forward to sharing this event with you!

No experience necessary. Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets provided. $45.00.

Friday, April 18 8 PM – 10 PM

Danny Varughese

Danny Varughese, an avid believer in the potential for music to heal at the deepest layers of Self, will be joining us at Spirithome for an intimate concert featuring original songs performed via acoustic guitar, handpan, percussive elements, along with the magic of his loop pedal. Beyond the act of performing songs, he intends to facilitate deep community and connection with every individual in the space by illuminating the emotions underlying each piece and re-experiencing their presence once again alongside all of the energy present within the room. By giving a voice to every layer of our complex and expansive selves, he hopes to pave the way for each individual to leave the space feeling at least a little more seen, heard, and deeply understood.

Doors open at 7 PM, show starts at 8 PM.

Seating on chairs and bolsters, refreshments served, common area and deck to socialize.