Sound Healing Approach

Laura brings synergy to the latest developments in scientific theory of quantum physio-spiritual healing, the use of sound, and the sacred.  Coming from a scientific background (BS, MA, Geology), with two decades of studying earth sciences and renewable energy and a lifelong interest in spiritual development and music, she uses the sacred sound of the crystal bowls, and Sanskrit chant along with the use of affirmation and intention to access the quantum realm and promote/catalyze healing.  Laura has her certificate of sound healing at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, and has completed training in Journey Dancing, a form of healing and empowerment through conscious dance/movement.

Laura has seen individuals for sound healing therapy and given group sound baths in the region since 2016.  In 2019 she opened up Spirithome Sound Healing Center, a gathering place for sound healing in a group setting, and for individual appointments.    

I come from the Philadelphia area and have spent most of my time in the region that I was born, although I’ve lived in New Mexico, and in New England at times in my life as well.

I’ve always been tuned into the deep nature of things, tapping into the nature behind what is seen.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters of Art in Geology. After approximately 15 years of working with the earth and renewable energy, I re-established my artistic, and dancing and musical skills.   I became certified in Sound Healing through the Sound Healing School at the Globe Institute of Recording and Production.  I am also certified in Journey Dancing and periodically I hold dances.