A Few Words About Sound Healing

The concept of sound healing has been utilized throughout cultural and civilized time.  As time progresses in our global society, sound has been an integral part of human life and its healing and medical aspects have been the subject of study by many.  Several fundamental concepts to Sound Healing are Entrainment, Resonance and Intention, these are described below.  

Entrainment is a phenomenon in Sound Healing where a strong frequency will draw in and smooth out unsmooth frequencies in comes in contact with.  The theory is that sound waves made from a clear and focused tone are strong enough to pull other sound waves in the region to its oscillating characteristics through entrainment. 

Secondly, resonance has a related characteristic where sound waves, that contact objects that emit the same or similar sound wave when activated, will become stronger because the object beings to vibrate the same frequency thereby increasing the magnitude of the sound.  

The last, but equally important fundamental concept to be noted is the use of intention to bring about positive change in the context of applying sound in a healing environment.  The use of intention is a concept that has been utilize for millennia by different cultures.  The Ancient Yogis of the Eastern Tradition utilized intention in meditation, and it is typically this use of intention that corresponds to sound healing. 

A sound healer utilizes his or her own intention while creating sound for a person or group.  This intention has its own frequency, or can be aligned with the frequency of a sound that is being made.  The intention carries along with the sound and the frequencies associated with the thought to the people in the area, and helps to aid in conscious development.  

The concept of the intention of one person producing a change in another has been studied and results show this fact to be true.  A study that address this concept is one where a couple are split into two different rooms, one prays for the other and the other has notable brain changes when the prayer is made.  The exact timing of the prayer is not relayed to the person being prayed to, but that persons brain exhibits changes at the exact time of the prayer. You can find a reference to this study at: www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104351710

These basic concepts of sound healing are powerful agents of change in a persons body mind and spirit. Sound Healing is an agent of change to bring a person back into balance in a gentle and supportive way. I will be writing more on general ideas surrounding sound healing and my own concepts and ideas that I have been developing over the years. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

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