Welcome to DEVACHANNA – Yoga and Sound Therapy

Devachanna is a place to grow in consciousness, a place to learn and share in yoga in the vision of the 8-fold path of yoga. The concentration at Devachanna is in Yoga Instruction (click for classes), Sound Healing/Therapy (click for appointments) and Group Sound Baths. These practices touch on the “action” path of yoga, and the “concentration”/”meditative absorption” paths of yoga. Other components of the paths of yoga are weaved into life here at Devachanna as Yoga is a life practice, after time it permeates all aspect of life if one continues to purse it through the years.

Creating Wellness

The goals at Devachanna are to create greater wellness in the individual through the subtle changes that occur in a regular practice. The two pathways are through Yoga (tapping into the action aspect of yoga) and Sound (tapping into meditation absorption aspect of yoga). Both of these practices lead to greater realization of wellness over time, with the results of a more peaceful states of mind, more comfort in the physical body, and greater health well in to the later years.


Yoga at Devachanna is practiced in a small class setting outside on the deck at Devachanna studios. Class size is small, up to 5 people, to allow for social distancing. Yoga class is conducted in a traditional way, beginning with a message on the topic of yoga philosophy, moving into warm ups and asanas, and ending with resting meditation and breathing practices. The practice of yoga over time will increase your stamina, allow for greater movement, and keep your spine supple while generating greater peace of mind. For people interested in beginning a yoga practice, private sessions are available upon request.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a method of healing on the body, mind and spirit levels of existence. I hold private sessions at Devachanna studios in the healing room. Sessions are composed of discussion about why you have come for healing, followed by the sound healing therapy and a guided meditation, and finishing with integration of what you experienced. Private sessions are typically conducted with one client per sessions, but two-person sessions are available upon request.

Listen to this magnificent crystal bowl Chakra Balancing piece, be transported into a world bliss while your energy centers are revitalized!
Sound wave in blues and whites

This is a place for finding your center, moving through what may be coming up and into the new potential that we all hold within us. I invite you to join in the process and I look forward to meeting you.

“I have to tell you, the effects from the fork on my abdomen were nothing short of profound. Felt significant inflammation and discomfort come down to where my stomach was much softer and pliable for moving things through” A – King Of Prussia, PA

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