Listen to this magnificent crystal bowl and synth piece, be transported into a world of dreamy peace.

Welcome to DEVACHANNA – Yoga and Sound Therapy

Devachanna is an experiment in humanity, a place to learn and share yoga in the vision of the 8-fold path of yoga. My concentration at Devachanna is in Yoga and Sound Healing/Therapy. These practices touch on the “action” path of yoga, and the “concentration”/”meditative absorption” paths of yoga. Other of the component paths of yoga are weaved into life here at Devachanna as Yoga is a life practice, after time it permeates all aspect of life if one continues to purse it through the years.

Sound Healing and Meditation go together

I have a location, which is given to you upon signing up for a class or setting up an individual appointment or participating in a group sound bath. I also offer you some things on this website; you can find some pieces of my art, and you can find some of my musical and video pieces, I also have a blog that I write in periodically – when I feel the inspiration. I encourage you to look around the website and hopefully you will find some things that you like. If you live in the Greater Philadelphia region, please come to a class (starting in October 2020), and event (starting in October 2020) or an individual healing; you can find more information in my Yoga and Sound Therapy pages.

This is a place for finding your center, moving through what may be coming up and into the new potential that we all hold within us. I invite you to join in the process and I look forward to meeting you.

“I have to tell you, the effects from the fork on my abdomen were nothing short of profound. Felt significant inflammation and discomfort come down to where my stomach was much softer and pliable for moving things through” A – King Of Prussia, PA

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