Listen to this magnificent crystal bowl and synth piece, be transported into a world of dreamy peace.

Sound Healing is a powerful and gentle way of shifting our consciousness to higher awareness and healing our lives. Through sound healing you can break through stuck and negative energy; physical (illness and injury), and mental/spiritual (emotional issues) energy can be transformed to harmonious flow through the effects of vibrational healing.

Sound used with a healing purpose is a powerful way to move through blocked energy, heal emotionally, and even heal the aspects of the physical body. The sound waves contact our bodies through our physical body as well as through hearing in our ears. Sound entrains our bodies and acts as a vehicle or catalyst to re-setting a way a muscle is responding to tension (for example), or our minds respond to stimuli, or our energy resides on our bodies. It also creates a powerful assist to the brain to reaching quieter states, where deep meditation can occur. These deep states in the mind are called Theta states, and it is in the Theta state where the parasympathetic nervous system takes over and the body can begin repairs that occur naturally.

Sound Healing and Meditation go together

I work with clients who are interested in using the deep state to move through physical and emotional blockages so they can experience deep healing. The healing happens with the vibration of the sound and in the theta state, where the brain can begin to reorganize its neural networks and make new connections. Our normal brainwave state (Alpha, Beta), doesn’t allow for re-wiring of the brain. When we enter into the deep state, and use positive response for our emotional and physiological states, we begin to rewire the brain for a more positive state of being. This rewiring is set down in the Theta state, yet we begin to recall in our regular waking state, this is how we can move on from stuck emotions and behaviors, while the sound waves can heal our physical bodies.

Sound Healing and bodywork go together

Clients who use this practice in conjunction with other modalities of healing, such as psychology, or other more physical healing practices such as modern medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractics expand their healing experience. The sound healing is used to catalyze your own healing capabilities. I the practitioner, am the vessel, the one who provides the container for your healing through the use of sound and guided mediation to assist in you reaching the Theta state and for the natural healing to occur.

Crystal Bowls, Played At Group Sound Baths

“I have to tell you, the effects from the fork on my abdomen were nothing short of profound. Felt significant inflammation and discomfort come down to where my stomach was much softer and pliable for moving things through” A – King Of Prussia, PA

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